Hair How-To: Recreated Braided Half Up-Do from Aimee Hughes

Hair is not exactly my forte - with the extent of my hair style range being either straight or curly. Also, any "how-to" posts usually mean having to have pictures of myself involved - something I usually shy away from. However, when hairdresser, blogger + friend Aimee Hughes approached me to do a collaboration, I thought I could learn a lesson or two on hair, whilst shaking things up by writing a post a little out of my comfort zone.

To recreate this look, you will need:
Curling iron
Thickening/volumising spray
Fine tooth comb
Hair grips
Tangle Teezer

To start off, brush your hair to make sure it's tangle free. Section off your hair so that around half is clipped up.

Take a piece of hair around an inch wide to wrap around your curling tongue. Hold for 10 seconds, and release. Do this with the entire section. If your hair is shorter, you may want to curl your hair right up to your head, however if I curl my hair root to tip, I tend to look a bit like a poodle.

Move onto the next section, and repeat with the rest of your hair. Let the curls rest for a bit, and then very gently brush through the curls with a Tangle Teezer, or you can just run your fingers through.

In sections, spray your thickening spray on the roots of your hair and rub in well. This will help to hold the backcombing in place.

Starting from the back of the head, start back combing your hair in 1/2 inch sections, using a fine tooth comb. Smooth over the top of your hair, and fix your hair into a bouffant.

Take two chunky sections - one either side of the face - and braid. Secure with an elastic, and then pull the plait to loosen it up.

Take each plait round the side of your head, and pin at the back of your head using the hair grips.

Finish with a spritz of hairspray, and more thickening spray if you need. Voila!

Definitely check out Aimee's original post for better pictures, an expert in hair + an amazing YouTube channel. Good luck re-creating and be sure to tag us both using the Twitter handles @primeanddine + @aimeejhughes.


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