Spectrum Collection: Make Up Brush Review

There were some serious gaps in my make up brush collection, so I did what any other blogger would do: read a few blog posts to see what everyone else was loving right now. Cruelty free, pretty, affordable and Instagram-worthy, Spectrum Collections stood right out.

First impressions of the brushes are that they look stunning, with great attention to detail in the design. They arrived in a pink plastic wallet, so if they weren't currently taking pride of place on my dressing table, I'd have somewhere to keep them safe. The brushes are all quite weighty, which I love - I find it gives more control over application. They also feel really soft + high quality, 

 I'm writing this post a little later than planned, but I wanted to try out the brushes for a couple of weeks before reviewing them. Having attempted + failed to take pictures for this post all week, I've ended up cleaning them every other day. This has helped me test their durability pretty well + I can confirm that they are seriously hard-wearing, with absolutely no shedding!

C02 'Contour Queen' - £8.99
This flat + full brush is great for applying powder bronzer, for when you want a more subtle and everyday contour. Use this brush to apply and blend bronzer underneath your cheekbones, and contour with precision.

B03 'Under Cover' - £4.99
This baby buffer is perfect at blending out concealer, particularly under the eyes. It's also pretty amazing for the application of cream contour, before buffing out with a beauty blender. 

C04 'Killer Cheek Bones' - £8.99
This brush can be used for a number of different powders products, but is particularly great for applying blush. The angled design helps add definition to the cheekbones.

A10 'Feeling Fancy' - £2.99
Designed to clear fallen, excess product from under the eye, as well as applying a subtle dusting of highlighter.

A07 'Full Colour' - £2.99
My new favourite brush, full + firm, perfect for getting eyeshadow onto the lid, before blending out with the A06. The design means you can get a precise application of product exactly where you need it, making it great for creating smokey eyes.

A14 'Wing It' - £2.99
An angled brush with firm bristles, and as the name suggests, is great for gel eyeliner. It's also great for applying gel, powder or wax product to your brows to keep them looking perf between waxes.

A16 'Cut Crease Police' - £1.99
This flat, thin brush is perfect for getting darker colours into the crease of the eyelid. The thin head is amazing for applying product to the lash line.

A06 'Shady Lady' - £4.99
A large fluffy blending brush, perfect for buffing out harsh creases, creating a softer finished look. 

I'm so impressed with these brushes. They're super high-quality and look beautiful, I'd seriously recommend investing in a set of Spectrum make up brushes. Their Ultimate 30 Piece Set works at around £3 a brush, and their new rose gold Marbellous range is particularly gorgeous so definitely check Spectrum out! Have you bought anything from Spectrum Collections before? What is on your Spectrum shopping list?



  1. I have quite a few brushes from them and I love them! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Which design did you go for? I really fancy the Marbellous range! xo

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