The Lush Creative Showcase | Halloween and Christmas Products 2016

The Lush Creative Showcase  Halloween and Christmas Products 2016

Hey, hi, how you doing? I feel that after that last burst of sunshine, we have now officially entered Autumn - and I couldn't be happier. It's less than 100 days until Christmas, the evenings are getting darker and all the shops are full of cosy jumpers + big knitted scarves. Another thing that gets me excited at this time of year is Lush and all of the amazing seasonal products they release for both Halloween and Christmas! This week I attended their Creative Showcase, which revealed their limited edition ranges in the form of a spectacular 2-day event. Read on to hear more about the Showcase, as well as a full list of the soon-to-be-released products...

The Lush Creative Showcase | Halloween and Christmas Products 2016
Self-preserving: a display of the magical ingredients that have helped Lush create a Christmas range free from synthetic preservatives!
Nearly ever year, Lush puts an ethical spin on their Christmas launch, from 100% vegan to ridding products of plastic glitter. This year Lush has gone completely self-preserving, meaning that none of the seasonal products contain any synthetic preservatives! (If you're interested in more self-preserving products, check out my Guide To Naturally Soft Skin).

The Showcase itself was pretty crazy! There was an array of performers, bands + characters keeping us entertained, as well as guest speakers discussing ethical and political matters.

If the new Christmas and Halloween products wasn't enough, there was also limited edition products exclusive to the event, as well as a few new inventions - including scented nail varnish! Other cool new inventions included hair products, foundations + powders, giant-size bath bombs and an amazing shower candy floss!

The Lush Kitchen was there of course, giving live demonstrations of how the products are made. They whipped up a beautiful batch of Snow Fairy body conditioner and we was lucky enough to take a tub home to try. It made my skin smell like bubblegum, but also feel amazingly soft!

Gorilla Perfume lovers will be happy to know that there was a a whole host of new perfumes available at the event - which will hopefully make their way into stores sometime soon!

David Snowie: Lush paying homage to the late David Bowie.

Lush have really outdone themselves this year with both the Halloween and Christmas ranges. I literally couldn't wait for all of these amazing products to be in store - so I had to treat myself to a few favourites! I'm loving Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub, and can't get over how much Pumpkin bath bomb smells like a pumpkin spiced latte! But my no. 1 favourite so far is Bubbly shower gel. Sharing it's fragrance with Christmas classic, Golden Wonder, Bubbly smells exactly like a glass of Bucks Fizz!

The Lush Creative Showcase | Halloween and Christmas Products 2016
Lush Haul: featuring Christmas, Halloween, Oxford St, Kitchen & Creative Showcase exclusive products!

Check out below a full list of all the seasonal products (any pictured in my haul above are marked with *; any products brand new this year are marked with ⋆).

Lush Halloween 2016

Launches 23/09

Monsters Ball bath bomb⋆
Lord of Misrule bath bomb
Autumn Leaf bath bomb*⋆
Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar*
Pumpkin bath bomb*⋆
Boo bath melt*⋆
Goth Fairy shimmer bar⋆
Lord of Misrule shower cream
Fireside soap⋆
Magic Wand soap⋆

Lush Christmas 2016

Launches 1/10

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb
So White bath bomb*
Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb
Mistletoe bath bomb*⋆
Golden Wonder bath bomb
Stardust bath bomb
Butterbear bath bomb
Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb⋆
Satsuma bath bomb (gift exclusive)⋆
Father Christmas bath bomb
Northern Lights bath bomb*
Snow Angel bath melt
Bubbly shower gel⋆
Rose Jam shower gel
Snow Fairy shower gel
Snow Fairy body conditioner⋆
Sleepy body lotion⋆
Mr Sandman dusting powder⋆
Fairy Dust dusting powder
Salt and Peppermint Bark body butter
Christingle body conditioner
Buche du Noel cleanser
Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub*⋆
Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint⋆
Santa Baby lip scrub
Santa Baby lip tint
Snowie bubble bar*⋆
Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar
Peeping Santa bubble bar
The Christmas Penguin bubble bar
The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar
Jester reusable bubble bar⋆
Magic Wand reusable bubble bar
Santasaurus reusable bubble bar⋆
Elf fun⋆
Santa fun
Reindeer and Robin fun⋆
Snow Fairy fun⋆
Snowman shower jelly
Santa's Belly shower jelly
Papa Noel face jelly⋆
Shooting Stars soap⋆
Reindeer Rock soap
Baked Alaska soap
Snowcastle soap
Santa's Postbox soap⋆
Igloo soap⋆
Candy Cane roulade⋆
Yog Nog roulade⋆

What are you most looking forward to trying? If you have any questions about any of the products, feel free to pop it in the comments below.

Happy Lushmas!



  1. The whole Christmas range has me excited and im literally itching to go and buy some of the halloween items next week.Ive seen photos of the monster ball and it looks so unique,i cant wait to try it.Great post,thanks for sharing xx

  2. You're so lucky you got to go to the Christmas launch event, I love lush X


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